Benefits of Booking Airport Taxi Transfers


We are a top taxi transfer service company providing transfers from all London airports. Our fast and dependable airport transfer and private transfer service are available 24 hours an afternoon, 12 months a year, to take you to your destination. The most at comfort Taxi from Heathrow to Colchester is simply one click away from you.

How is it exclusive from the usage of a taxi?

Regarding getting you to the destination, airport transfer and taxi are similar, but there are fundamental differences.


Taxis typically drive around the city with lighting and pick out customers as they reach along.

You may also often see diverse cars waiting at the taxi stand in front of the station or near the hotel entrance. It is not unusual to flag down a taxi by raising your hand, but recently, a few apps can dispatch the taxi to your location. After hiring a taxi, the driver will take you to the requested destination, and you will pay the amount shown on the meter upon arrival at your terminus.

Airport transfer services

As noted above, the vehicles used for airport transfer service are known as chartered hire vehicles. The sedan-kind car used is especially a black-painted Toyota Crown or Nissan Fuga.

Since it is regularly used for enjoyable government officers and corporate guests, the vehicles are primarily painted in black, which is suitable for business drives.

These motors transfer you to your destination and offer clients a perfect and safe area. As a result, the vehicles are of a better class (no lighting fixtures like a taxi). You can rest assured in the hands of drivers with a wealth of experience, information, and language abilities, and many have driven for foreign VIPs during their long careers.

The driver will first get off and manually open the door when you depart the hire car. You will also get newspapers and mineral water as a service, even as on board. As you may see, even though the reason for taxis and chartered hire vehicles may seem identical, there are beautiful differences in service.

Chartered airport transfer has many advantages for those requiring advanced service, like pleasing critical clients in the company scene or sudden your fellow passenger with a comfortable journey.


When reserving airport transfer services;

This phase will summarise what you must look for while using airport transfer services.

How to choose your car?

If you have a lot of luggage, you should remember which automobile to pick.

Even if you’re a celebration of only people, you can’t be in shape in a sedan when you have big suitcases and other bags. In this case, selecting a minivan like Toyota Alphard is an excellent concept to ensure you have enough area.

The rate will boom for a bigger car, but rather than finding out all of your baggage doesn’t in shape at the day, deciding on a barely larger car with lots of space is more secure.

Late night fees

A past late-night fee may be charged depending on the running company or income office. Please check if prices apply while creating a reservation. Late-night surcharges are commonly 30% better, so you must also check the applicable hours.

Cancellation fees

Please touch your service company if you want to refrain from using the pre-booked service on the booking date. No suggestions may be considered a cancellation on the day of service, and 100% cancellation charges will typically observe.

If you do not need the carrier or your plan changes because of an emergency, some of your charges can be refunded if you get the service earlier. You will not be charged cancellation charges if the booking is cancelled at least 14 days before.

Changing your reserving

Please contact your service provider if you need to alternate the pick-up area or destination. Even if the place before and after the exchange is near the distance, the expenses may exchange for particular pick-up areas.

Late-night flights (departure/arrival)

If your flight arrives or departs overdue at night, please be greater careful. Please ensure you book suitable dates while making your reservation.

Driver name, emergency contact, plate number

Please ensure you get the driver’s call, emergency contact, and quantity plate information from the service provider before the commencement of your service.

Although most vendors contact you the day before booking, some do not. Requesting the details to make sure you can get hold of the service smoothly is continually a great idea. Ground Travel Solutions provide round-the-clock booking and customer support by skilled operators, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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