Personalize Your Ride: Must-Have Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

The use of reflective tapes, stickers or decals on your motorcycle helmet increases your visibility and reduces the risk of accidents. They also help you stand out on the road in low light or darkness. Ohio State players have filled their helmets with stickers for years, and Bo Schembechler brought the tradition to Michigan after arriving from Miami (Ohio). Equipment managers meticulously apply each sticker.

Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

Motorcycle Helmet Stickers can be a fun way to make your helmet one-of-a-kind and show off your personality. You can also use them to promote your favorite organizations or sports teams. However, before you start adding stickers to your helmet, it’s important to know how they might affect its safety. Stickers may impact the durability of your helmet and even draw unwanted attention from law enforcement officers or other people who might see them.

It’s also important to avoid putting stickers over the helmet’s original safety rating and manufacturer’s marks. Most helmets come with a DOT (Department of Transportation) or SNELL (Safety National Equipment Laboratory) sticker that identifies the helmet’s approval and rating. This mark is often displayed on the rear of your helmet near the chin strap. This sticker should not be covered or tampered with because it’s required by law in some states.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the adhesive on most stickers will weaken over time. This means that you’ll likely need to remove and re-apply them in the future. If you’re concerned about damaging your helmet, consider using a soft cloth and warm water to remove your old stickers. If the stickers aren’t coming off easily, you can try using a rubbing alcohol or soap solution.

Decals for Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmet stickers can be used to express the rider’s personality and interests, as well as help keep them safe. They can also serve as an excellent way to promote a business, charity event, or other activity. Some riders even use them as a way to show their regional pride or a sense of community spirit. For safety, however, it’s important to avoid placing stickers over the DOT or Snell sticker that comes with the helmet. This sticker is a sign of the helmet’s certification and can be removed or covered.

Some riders like to personalize their helmets with decals, which are available in many different colors and styles. They can be used to express the riders’ unique personalities and interests, as well as their favorite sports or bands. Several manufacturers offer helmet decals that are made from commercial-grade vinyl and are guaranteed to last for years. They are also scuff and weather resistant, making them durable enough to withstand repeated exposure to the elements.

It’s important to choose a high-quality wrap, especially for the helmet. Some wraps are made from materials that aren’t suitable for helmets, and can fade in splotches after just one ride in the sun. You should also consider the materials that are used to cut the wraps. Using harsh chemicals or razor blades to remove a vinyl wrap from a helmet can be harmful to the material and can cause the visor or vent slide to break.

Motorcycle Helmet Decals


A helmet is a vital piece of safety equipment for any motorcyclist. It helps to protect the brain from dangerous conclusions in a crash and is an excellent way to avoid seriousMotorcycle helmet graphics Kit injury or death. Many bikers also like to decorate their helmet with stickers and decals. These can be used to promote a team or charity, show a love for motorcycles or just to make their helmet more personal. It’s important to find top quality stickers that are heavy duty and will not peel or easily scrape off. Some may even be laminated to increase durability and strength.

The most common helmet stickers are those that represent a team or charity. These usually have a brightly colored design that will stand out and be visible to others. It’s a great way to support a cause or a team and shows that you care about the safety of others. Lamination is a type of manufacturing that adds an extra layer of material to the sticker. It’s a good way to make the sticker last longer, especially in harsh environments or when placed outdoors.

Adding stickers to your helmet is a fun and easy way to customize it and show your personality. You can even purchase helmet stickers that show off your favorite quotes or songs. Just remember that removing them can be harmful to the helmet’s materials and can lead to permanent damage. If you use harsh chemicals to remove the stickers, it could break down the finish of the helmet and even the materials inside. It’s best to use warm water and a rag to get rid of the adhesive residue.

Motorcycle Helmet Stickers And Decals

You can get a lot of different stickers and decals for your motorcycle helmet. Some are designed for a specific purpose or look, while others simply enhance the safety and visibility of your motorcycle. Some of them even act as a way to show your regional pride or homeland emblems. If you’re considering getting one of these, make sure it’s a sticker that complies with the law in your jurisdiction.

These Motorcycle Helmet Stickers And Decals are easy to install on your helmet visor. However, before you buy them, make sure you measure your helmet’s visor’s size. If the visor is larger than the sticker, you may need to cut it with a scissor or razor blade. Lamination is another option that adds an extra layer of protection to your sticker, making it scratch and acid-rain resistant. It can also alter the finish of your sticker, making it glossy or matte in appearance.

This visor sticker can be applied on helmets manufactured by Icon Shoei Bell, HJC, O’Neal, Scorpion and AGV. It’s a simple way to give your helmet an awesome new custom look in an instant. The stickers come in a single universal size and are very easy to paste or remove without causing damage on visor screen. They weigh 1 ounce. The sticker has a unique graphic sticker of a joker face that will add a touch of humor to your helmet.